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Humans of the U: Finn Kendall

“I am Finn Kendall, a successful Domestic Elite cyclist with a history of podium finishes and an up-and-coming College of Social Work graduate with a recent faculty award. My story embodies resilience, determination, and the relentless pursuit of the extraordinary. Through my training and the grueling miles leading up to the LOTOJA race, I’ve navigated not only physical challenges but also emotional and mental hurdles. The aim was crystal clear—to ascend the podium in the fiercely competitive Pro 1/2 category of LOTOJA. Fueled by sheer determination and unwavering commitment, I triumphantly crossed the finish line, securing the 3rd place in the Pro Women’s field. My background as a cyclist equipped me with crucial communication skills honed during times of intense pressure and exhaustion—skills that would later prove invaluable in their role as a social worker.

My role in cycling is not just about conquering a race; it is about advocating for change and inclusivity within the LGBTQI+ community, both in sport and in broader society. My passion for advocacy and their family and friend’s unwavering support fueled my determination to push beyond my limits, not just for personal glory but to make a statement about equality and acceptance.

As I crossed the finish line, my podium finish symbolized more than just athletic achievement. It represented the culmination of a shared vision—a vision that extends beyond the world of competitive cycling and into the broader landscape of social justice and equality. I am Finn Kendall, the Domestic Elite cyclist turned social work graduate. I believe in the power of resilience, determination, and the relentless pursuit of a better world—for myself, for my community, and for future generations.”

Finn Kendall, Social Work major ’24