College of Engineering

Ahead of the game

The University of Utah’s video game design program is posting yet another high score.

National honors for engineering professor Tony Butterfield

These are just the newest awards for the distinguished educator.

Up in smoke

U researchers have developed a method to better predict when wildfire smoke affects residents.

Saving energy, cutting pollution

The U’s Intermountain Industrial Assessment Center helps businesses save energy, operate with less emissions.

The photos shows the Hadron Collider at the center. There are metal and electronic parts coming out of the center, each band made of different materials coming out in concentric circles. At the edge is a green scaffolding for people to walk on it.

Part of world’s ultimate IT team

The U joins a new center to help the world’s top scientific facilities manage their important data.

Harmful algal blooms in Utah

Learn about the phenomenon and how to stay safe.

Airflow study in Science Advances

U engineers discovered how to reduce COVID-19 infection probability in musicians by a factor of 100 via studies with the Utah Symphony and Opera.

A cross-campus collaboration to improve vision worldwide

The project will help doctors give comprehensive eye exams.

These students got game

The U’s top-ranked video games program to show off new student games during “EAE Launch 2021” event.

11 U students awarded prestigious NSF fellowships

This is the second-largest U cohort to date.