College of Engineering

Searching for life in the universe

They are developing a microchip for work in space that will be used to search for life on other planets as well as for monitoring the health of astronauts.

Recognizing our exceptional faculty

Read about the achievements of exceptional faculty members in teaching, research, mentorship and service.

Forecast for snow

U professors to develop more accurate methods of measuring and analyzing mountain snowpack.

Jessica Kramer, wearing a white lab coat and blue gloves and safety glasses holds up a glass tube of colored liquid.

The miracle of mucus

U biomedical engineer discovers why the COVID-19 virus is not as transmissable on surfaces as you think.

A group of politicians, scientists and other leaders who helped make the SUPER Agreement happen, post for a group photo in front of a painting of old timey legislature.

Expanding collaborative research opportunities

The Idaho National Laboratory and the U signed an agreement allowing collaboration on research and development projects to advance the nation’s energy and security technology.

Four U scientists are 2021 AAAS Fellows

The award dates back to 1874 and often precedes other accolades in long and impactful careers, including the Nobel Prize.

U to launch engineering research internship for high schoolers

Teen students can now conduct research alongside world-renowned engineering scientists.

Ferocious fungus

U engineers discover what makes a tree-killing fungus so hard to put down.

The engineer, in black rimmed glasses and a pink shirt, does a scan on the arm of a woman with long red hair in a hospital gown.

Diagnosing breast cancer

U engineer develops diagnostic tool for breast cancer that can be used more frequently and with younger patients.

A headshot of a Bangladeshi woman wearing a red shirt with tree with fall colors in the background.

Humans of the U: Srabani Karmakar

“Some things, the good and bad, never change wherever you live.”