Humans of the U: Griffin Hale

“The strong and sturdy clay bricks depict the unmoving, determination and defiance in the caregiver.”

Explore U of U Health discoveries and innovations

“Pioneering the Future” digital collection celebrates scientists carrying on a tradition of excellence.

How U alumni helped invent the catalytic converter

The catalytic converter, which removes toxic gases from car exhaust, owes its invention partly to U alumni working at Corning Incorporated in the 1970s.


“I’m really proud of one assignment that’s going to be part of the student show in Gittins Gallery in the Arts building. The theme was, “Portrait without a head” about how you represent someone without physically representing them. So, I did my mom and made a 36-inch-long meth pipe. She was an addict and passed away when I was 12 so I felt comfortable that I could tell this story of her, through my eyes.”

Faculty Art Exhibit Enters Final Week

Thirty-one faculty artists who teach, inspire and make significant contributions to the cultural landscape of Utah, showcase their work through “New Narratives” art exhibition.