“When I think about my time at the University of Utah, I’m reminded of so much warmth and growth. From my involvement and activism with the Asian American Student Association and the Queer and Trans Students of Color groups, to being a part of the creation of the new School for Cultural and Social Transformation, I was able to find family and community. I felt like I was able to come home to myself, and be in community with folks who I was able to learn and grow with.

I’m especially thankful and inspired by professors such as Dr. Janet Theiss, Dr. Dolores Delgado Bernal and Dr. Edmund Fong who inspire and nurture me, helping me grow as a scholar and activist. They inspire me to find the humor and beauty in all things, and the joy discipline in storytelling and writing.

The U was where I was able to discover who I wanted to be, and create a future for myself as a queer person of color. There’s a lot to be done still at this institution, but in an increasingly cynical world, I find solace and hope in the people I call family at the University of Utah.”

— Heidi Qin, Class of 2017

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