“My score was announced. I remember the long sigh from the crowd filling the air as I missed qualifying for the 2014 Olympic team by just a few points. Considering that I prematurely returned from an ACL injury, defying the odds and opinions of doctors, I wasn’t devastated by the news. I was however terrified about the future.

Little did I know that moment of uncertainty would define the course of my entire education. After much reflection and a tour of the University of Utah campus, attending the David Eccles School of Business was a perfect path for me. I always wanted to go to college for business since I was a kid.

As a byproduct of becoming a professional skier at 15 — leaving home to travel the world while balancing school, negotiating endorsement deals and budgeting expenses — I essentially treated myself as a business rather than a traditional high school student. The University of Utah helped me build on these experiences and hone them into a course of study and possible career path.

Studying business with an emphasis in marketing was one of the most rewarding and natural transitions I could have ever asked for.

I could’ve never imagined that my college education would propel me towards applying one passion towards another. After graduation I plan on pursuing my passion for advertising, and to hopefully one day open my own agency where my passion for business and creativity can flourish.”

Walter Wood, Class of 2018, Business major

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