Humans of the U: AnnaMarie Barnes

“I’m a huge nerd when it comes to public policy and the political process. I believe in the power of student advocacy and the Associated Students of the University of Utah.

ASUU serves students by acting as the formal line of communication between students and administrators. ASUU has voting representatives within the Academic Senate, Board of Trustees and every campuswide committee or task force. We are at those tables consistently advocating for students.

To keep our students informed we’ll be providing frequent updates on the projects, initiatives and use of student fees. Look for those in Campus Connect, media outlets such as @theU and the Chrony, and by hosting regular public forums.

This year with my VPs Latifa Yaqoobi and Gabe Martinez, ASUU will focus on campus safety, authentic advocacy, generating involvement, as well as mental wellness.

Safety is a top priority. This year we will listen to student needs, advocate for streamlined reporting systems, spread awareness about resources and help create a culture that supports and protects survivors of assault and harassment.

We’ve empowered student organizations with greater resources by earmarking an additional $25,000 for student organization funding. The Student Leadership Council and the Student Commission have also been revamped.

Diversity, equity and inclusion remain to be a key concern for our administration. We’re working hard to ensure that ASUU is truly representative of the students it serves. We’re connecting and collaborating with communities that have not been historically represented in ASUU or in the greater campus community, and working to educated and inform on topics of diversity.

Finally, greater resources for mental and emotional wellbeing is another issue we will be championing this year. We are committed to increasing access to mental health counseling and removing barriers to receiving treatment.

U students should know that we are working to address their needs and that we want to hear from them. As the ASUU president this year, I am excited to give back to U.”

—AnnaMarie Barnes, student body president 2019-20


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