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Thank you from HR

Thank you to the Employee Appreciation Day Committee and to all who attended the event.

Thank you!

I would like to sincerely thank the Employee Appreciation Day Committee for all of their hard work and dedication to making this event such a success. Your dedication to this event and the staff here at the U is what makes this campus a truly wonderful place.

To all employees who were able to attend—and those who stayed behind to cover for your coworkers—thank you. You deserve a day to be recognized and appreciated. Your hard work does not go unnoticed by the administration.

To the wonderful volunteers who set up, cleaned up and supported however you could, we thank you and your department for sharing your time and showing your U pride with us.

This year more than 4,000 employees joined us for pizza, ice cream, fun on the field, massages, bingo and flu shots. Numerous departments and campus partners came out and shared your resources and swag. We are grateful for your support of our university programs. Employee Appreciation Day is a great way to connect with staff and have a good time.

University of Utah Health administered more than 1,700 flu shots.  All of which were recorded to include in your WellU program count. Visit the HR Benefits page to check your participation. If you missed the event and still need a flu shot, visit the RedMed Employee Clinic in the Union. RedMed can also treat work-related injuries and help keep you and your family healthy throughout the year.

Due to the upcoming Rice-Eccles Stadium renovation, Employee Appreciation Day’s location will change next year. Keep an eye on @TheU for updates. Employee Appreciation Day will take place on Sept. 24, 2020.

Another great benchmark for our employee recognition program University Staff Excellence Awards received over 200 nominations for eligible full-time staff. Each year 24 staff are selected to be honored by the Office of the President.

It’s humbling to read over and over the support that our staff gives to our students, faculty, patients and research labs. Each year we read inspiring nominations of people who go above and beyond each and every day. Like the staffer who helped develop software to support students and staff with our suicide prevention hotline. Or those who give extra support to our veterans. There are also those who volunteer their time to support programs for high school students struggling to believe they can go to college and succeed. And our research goals could not be met without the coordination, ordering, and bench-work support our staff provides.

Our community at the U is growing in new ways and directions and we couldn’t do it without all of you. So, from all of us at University Human Resource Management, the Employee Appreciation Day Committee leaders and university leadership, thank you for all you do.  Your hard work is noticed.