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Supporting vaccinations at the U

Read the current student body presidency's letter to U students.

As the 2021-22 Student Body Presidency at the University of Utah, we give our full and complete support of the University of Utah’s decision to require COVID-19 vaccinations for our students, backed by the state leaders’ permission for Utah System of Higher Education institutions to have greater flexibility to set vaccine policy for their campuses. 

The global health pandemic has thrown our students off our trajectories and is one of the most transformative events in our lives that has resulted in dramatic changes and losses. The sheer emotional impacts our communities have felt is unimaginable. Fortunately, the developed vaccines available to all individuals have helped to keep us defended against the coronavirus. However, this medical advancement should not make us overlook how many of us are still reeling from losses and shaken by fear of future losses. The reality is that the pandemic is still far from over. Challenges and adversities still persist in relation to the pandemic. Getting vaccinated is only the first step towards post-pandemic recovery and is an act of kindness and care for others. 

At the forefront of this decision is the value of public health and student safety—one of the pillars that we, as a student body presidency, campaigned on. We believe that this is the best first step in moving forward to uniting the U community safely together. 


2021-2022 Student Body Presidency