State of ASUU 2021-22

On Nov. 17, the Associated Students of the University of Utah’s (ASUU’s) Board of Academic Affairs held the annual State of the ASUU Event at the University Student Union. Director of Academic Affairs, Audrey Laney, and Associate Director of Academic Affairs, Ashley Thompson, hosted the event in a hybrid manner and fielded an active Q&A in which there was much participation.

The university community heard from:

  • ASUU President Jess Wojciechowski
  • Vice President of Student Relations Maryan Shale
  • Vice President of University Relations Tiffany Chan
  • Chief of Staff Sanila Math

Approximately 60 attendees gathered for the event and shared their feedback with ASUU representatives during a social afterward. Updated information is provided on the ASUU Instagram account (@uofustudentgov).

Any questions can be directed to the ASUU Presidency or to Director of Academic Affairs, Audrey Laney.

Watch the full recording below