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Protecting campus working and learning environments

The Office of Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Title IX has a new website to help you navigate the process during a nondiscrimination or sexual misconduct investigation.

The Office of Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Title IX (OEO/AA/Title IX)  is the resource for the U campus community that is entrusted with protecting a professional working and learning environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. It does this by implementing and enforcing the university’s policies on nondiscrimination and sexual misconduct and investigating complaints about policy violations.

Taking part in that process can feel intimidating, but a new website helps distill the proceedings, making it easier to understand for all parties involved. is designed to show users what to expect once a report has been made to the OEO/AA/Title IX. It also walks individuals through the different phases of the investigation, step-by-step and provides more information about available options and resources.

“Interfacing with our office is not something many people do on a daily basis, and when they do, it is often when they are experiencing distress,” said Sherrie Hayashi, director of OEO/AA and Title IX coordinator. “We work hard to make sure people are connected with resources that can help them work through these experiences, and we hope this website also provides some reassurance by helping people feel prepared and knowledgeable about what to expect along the way.”

When an incident is reported to OEO/AA/Title IX, the office immediately connects individuals with resources while it determines whether the complaint falls within the purview of the office and is, in fact, a violation of university policy.

Ultimately, the process is designed to:

  1. Determine if institutional policy has been violated

  2. Provide resolutions that attempt to educate respondents

  3. Remedy the effects of misconduct

  4. Protect individuals in the campus community from further misconduct

While OEO/AA/Title IX investigates complaints, the outcomes are administered by the Office for Faculty, the Office of the Dean of Students or Humans Resources, depending on the role of those involved.

Criminal and university administrative processes are independent of one another and may end in different outcomes and resolutions as not all behaviors that violate university policy are considered illegal under the law.

If you have a question, problem or complaint of discrimination, contact the OEO/AA/Title IX at 801-581-8365,, or visit or

Report Discrimination, Harassment or Sexual Misconduct

You may submit a report of discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct online. Reporting does not initiate a formal complaint. Information will be provided to the person who experienced the conduct about their options for addressing the reported behavior.

OEO/AA/Title IX provides:

  • Consultation concerning issues of possible discrimination, sexual misconduct, harassment or retaliation
  • Investigation of complaints of discrimination, sexual misconduct (which includes sexual assault or sexual violence), harassment and/or retaliation
  • Trainings and education about policies that prohibit discrimination, disability or religious accommodations, sexual violence prevention education and response, Title IX of the Education Amendments Act, customized trainings, etc. These are available to managers and supervisors; faculty, staff, and students; chairs and deans; graduate students and teaching assistants; guest speakers for academic courses; and search and committees

To schedule a training, call 801-581-8365 or email