‘It’s On Us’ campaign

By Shelby Wayment, ASUU deputy chief of staff

The 2018 Student Advocacy Board from the Associated Students at the University of Utah (ASUU) will host their first It’s On Us tabling session Sept. 25-28, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Marriot Library Plaza. This campaign helps students focus on the personal initiatives they can take to help end sexual assault on our campus.

The It’s On Us national campaign was launched in 2014 and aims to end sexual assault. Currently, 95 partners and more than 500 campuses across the United States have taken the pledge to recognize instances of sexual assault and when it may occur, to intervene and to create an environment where sexual assault is not tolerated.

These tabling sessions allow students to take the pledge to commit to create a culture of consent, learn about bystander intervention and support survivors. Those who take the pledge at the event will receive a free T-shirt so they can show their support to others and act as an advocate in the future. In addition, there will be a variety of resources across campus such as the Wellness Center, the Support Advocates, OEO, to help students understand what resources they have available here on campus.

“This is a tangible campaign that focuses on changing the narrative and encouraging students to take the pledge to end sexual assault on campus by being an engaged bystander, refuting rape myths and informing students of what consent really means” said Jessica Valdes, ASUU student advocacy director. “This year we also hope to highlight the different marginalized communities that are heavily affected by sexual assault.”

These events and the campaign align with the 2018 ASUU presidency’s initiative of improving overall campus safety. Recently, Zach Berger, ASUU president, signed a letter with all the other Pac-12 student body presidents, requesting athletic recruiters no longer recruit students who have been charged with sexual assault.

ASUU will be hosting tabling sessions and allow students to take the pledge again in October. In addition, they will also be putting on more events focusing on supporting survivors and raising awareness for sexual assault on our campus in April for Sexual Assault Awareness month.