Humans of the U: Hyun Woo Jo

“Like many students preparing for graduation, I’m not sure what will come next. I have many competing passions and I can’t wait to see where those interests will take me.

For me, a degree from the University of Utah means more international opportunities for my future. I want more young students in South Korea to be aware of the U Asia Campus and have easier access to receiving a degree from one of the top U.S. universities while not having to leave home.

I believe that a degree from a Western education system like the University of Utah trains and fosters students to be successful. It has allowed me to become a global citizen while allowing me to continue my studies close to home.

My favorite class has been Making Brands Stick and learning the history of famous brands and the strategies they utilized to become strong brands. This class inspired me to want to create my own outstanding brand in the future.

The ‘Lassonde + X’ Entrepreneurship program on the Salt Lake campus teaches students to polish their creative business ideas and make them possible for a business. It was a great opportunity learn with students of different majors and to listen to their valuable ideas. The course ENTP 1010 trains students to develop a creative and entrepreneurship mindset which I believe will be beneficial in all aspects of the career field.

On the other side, I am currently working as an intern in an international organization focusing on green economic growth. And I worked in the Career and Internship Development Center providing aiding students with job searches, workshop coordination, resume support and mock interviews. I was extremely excited when I heard that a student who I supported was able to land an internship opportunity.

I haven’t decided which of these paths to take so I am planning to go to graduate school and study international cooperation. No matter where I go next, I am certain that the knowledge of being a global citizen will allow me to bring many accomplishments when I enter the workforce.”

—Hyun Woo Jo, Class of 2021 U Asia Campus, B.A. in Humanities, Strategic Communication