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Get rested, relaxed and ready for spring semester

The U has added three days of leave time to support staff in advance of spring semester.

The U has added three days of leave time to support staff in advance of spring semester. In addition to previously announced closure days on Dec. 24 and Dec. 31, Dec. 28-30 have been named as winter break leave time.

This additional leave time is not applicable to University of Utah Health Hospitals and Clinics staff or to faculty who are on contracts and will not be instructing during these dates. The university’s full holiday calendar is posted online.

According to Jeff Herring, the U’s chief human resources officer, employees are encouraged to use the time “to focus on well-being.” Employees are encouraged to follow public health guidelines during the break which include not traveling and limiting in-person gatherings.

While health care employees will maintain a regular holiday schedule to ensure consistency of care, their hard work and commitment to patient care will continue to be recognized through other methods, said Sarah Sherer, chief human resources officer for University of Utah Health Hospitals and Clinics.

Graduate Medical Education trainees (residents and fellows) fall under the Hospitals & Clinics guidance above. Other fellows (postdoc, research, etc.) are eligible for the additional leave time.

Staff on the U’s academic campus and the academic staff at University of Utah Health will receive up to 24 hours of Administrative Leave with Pay (ALP) for the three Winter Break days. ALP must be entered into Kronos by the employee’s supervisor.  The amount of ALP hours an employee receives will be prorated by FTE and based on hours they are regularly scheduled to work on the winter break days.  Faculty and employees in administrative positions at director level and above will track the time in their departments.

Mandatory employees in positions still required to report to work on those days (December 28-30) may use the ALP hours on different subsequent dates under specific conditions. Specific questions about staffing should be addressed by supervisors.

Read the full memo with additional details online.