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Microsoft Hololens, 3-D printing, workshops and more now at the Marriott Library.

By TJ Ferrill, J. Willard Marriott Library

New and improved 3-D scanner

The Marriott Library is pleased to offer high-end 3-D scanning to all U affiliates. Thanks to a generous grant from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation, the library was able to purchase a new Artec Spider 3-D scanner, which has fantastic capabilities. Able to detect features as small as 0.3mm, this scanner is perfect for projects like fossils, mechanical components, artistic works and more. While the library has had some lower-end scanners for some time now (namely a NextEngine 3-D scanner and an iSense Structure Scanner), the Artec Spider represents a huge step forward in terms of the ability to capture objects in three dimensions. The new scanner has been used by faculty and student researchers in paleontology, sculpture, computer science, architecture, business and medicine. Library staff are available to orient new users on the use of the scanner. An accompanying laptop is also available for off-site scanning. To schedule an orientation with the new scanner, please email

New 3-D Printer Partnership with EAE

The library is proud to announce a partnership with the Entertainment Arts & Engineering Program to house a zPrint 450 3-D printer. This is a full-color powder printer which uses binder jetting technology to build physical objects that require no support material. The printer itself belongs to the EAE department, but is now available for student, faculty and staff use. For specifics and pricing information on the new service, please visit

tjhololensprofileMicrosoft Hololens is here

Another exciting addition to the library’s equipment family is a Microsoft Hololens. In an effort to stay abreast of all the new augmented and virtual reality technologies coming out, the library has purchased a Hololens development kit. While virtual reality has been in the news a fair amount lately with the release of several major products, the augmented reality scene is still very much under the radar. Hololens adds holographic representations of 3-D objects into the real world, creating an opportunity to interact with content and spaces in a whole new way. Come try this new piece of technology at weekly workshops held each Friday in the library’s Knowledge Commons on level 2.

Free workshops

The library will be holding weekly workshops for all students, faculty and staff wishing to learn more about 3-D printing, modeling and Arduino microcontrollers. These workshops are intended as a starting point for developing skills using new technology. Participants can learn the basics of 3-D printing, learn how to generate printable models using various modeling software and begin to dive into the world of microcontrollers and integrated circuits using Raspberry Pi and Arduino prototyping boards. The workshops are held 2-3 p.m. on Tuesdays for 3-D printing, Wednesdays for 3-D modeling, and Thursdays for Arduino and Raspberry Pi.