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New shuttle route through heart of campus under way.

As part of a continuous effort to provide better shuttle service to the university community, Commuter Services has begun constructing a new throughway to enhance the route of electric buses through campus.

ShuttleRoadGraphicThis new shuttle road will bisect campus from north to south, and when completed, it will link the Business Loop with the Union Building, providing faster service between these two primary campus destinations. Use of the road will be limited to shuttles but will occasionally be available for public use to facilitate traffic flow following special events.

Construction for the shuttle road began in early October and is slated for completion by fall semester 2016. The project will be executed in two phases—the first, now underway, aims to complete the southern portion of the road, ending near the Languages & Communication Building (LNCO), and will conclude before year’s end. This initial phase will link the north end of campus with the TRAX station located on South Campus Drive.

After passage of the winter months, construction will resume in May 2016, following university commencement activities. This second phase will continue construction north, completing the portion between LNCO and the Union loop roadway providing an east-west connection from the shuttle road to Student Life Way. Both sections of road will not be functional until the project is fully completed.

For additional information, visit the Commuter Services website or call 801-581-6415.