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8 secrets to success from the Marriott Library

Get off to a good start this academic year with these tips from the library.

Want to get off to a great start this academic year? Visit the Marriott Library. Below are eight ways the library can help make this a successful semester.

1. Why pay for textbooks?

The Course Reserves area on level three of the Marriott Library is where you can find textbooks your professors have assigned. A high-speed scanner is available for free. Have questions? Contact Caryn Feeney and watch this video.

2. Check out the checkouts

Did you know you can check out an iPad and customize it? Other stuff available for free check out includes laptops, chargers, cameras, calculators and more. Go to the Knowledge Commons on level two. Some items are available at the desks on levels one and three as well.

3. Dive into the new databases

You’ll find everything from hard research to cool National Geographic photos. Several new databases have been purchased and are now available for your research and writing assignments. Some of the newest and best include Scopus, National Geographic Archive, Time Magazine Archive and the business database, Mergent.

4. Discover the treasures of the Fine Arts Showcase

The Katherine W. Dumke Fine Arts & Architecture Library contains a collection of rare and beautiful items for visitors to enjoy. Artists’ books, Latin American Avant-garde works, and rare architectural volumes are just a few of the highlights. Stop by the library on level two, contact Luke Leither to learn more or click here.

5. Reality or virtual reality?

Want to try out the latest VR and AR tech? Or use one of the 13 3-D printers for your class assignment? How about gaming on the newest consoles? It’s all here on level two.

6. Secret study spaces

Sssshhhh! Like peace and quiet for studying? There are several little-known quiet study spots throughout the library. And, did you know that you can reserve group study rooms for when you need to tackle a group project? Click here to see how to schedule some of these rooms.

7. Free film streaming

Yes, you can watch thousands of films for free through the SWANK Digital Campus. Learn about other film streaming services in this Daily Utah Chronicle story.

8. Geospatial Information Systems

Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Services are available to assist individuals interested in using this technology to spatially visualize data for their projects. One such example is “Throughout the Years: Historical & Comparative Views of the University of Utah Campus.” Want to learn more about how to incorporate GIS into your projects? Reach out to GIS Specialist Justin Sorensen at or schedule an appointment through the GIS Services website.