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Celebrate the Basic Needs Collective’s first birthday

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The Basic Needs Collective (BNC) at the University of Utah is celebrating one year since its grand opening. Time has flown, and the BNC team has much to be grateful for and celebrate.

Since opening, the BNC has served over 270 students with direct resource support.

  • Overall top student-endorsed needs:
    • 65% financial assistance
    • 49% housing
    • 46% transportation
    • 42% food
    • 34% health care
    • 30% mental health
  • Student status:
    • 57% undergraduate
    • 43% graduate
  • On average, students endorsed more than four needs.


“We are super proud of our programming efforts, such as the resource database we developed with over 200 campus and community resources, our thrift pop-up and how we have recruited over 30 student volunteers as Basic Needs Ambassadors to advocate for destigmatizing basic needs insecurity on campus,” said Sarah Elizabeth Garza-Levitt, BNC associate director.

The BNC invites everyone to its first birthday party on Monday, April 17, from 12-2 p.m. on the Union Plaza. There will be free food and games, and SWOOP will be in attendance. The BNC is also accepting birthday presents in the form of donations to student continuation scholarships. Click here or the button below to donate.

“I cannot begin to explain and appreciate the Basic Needs Collective on how they are and have been supportive to me,” said Debbie Adebunmi, a healthcare administration graduate student at the U. "The staff painstakingly listened and talked me through available alternatives or pointed me in the right direction, connecting me either internally or externally, and the thrift store has indeed contributed to my wellness and ability to focus on my education and helped with balancing other areas of my life. Thank you to the Basic Needs Collective and the team therein; God bless you.”