Undergraduate Studies

waterfall cascades over a cement sculpture which features a Block U in the center.

2022 Ivory Prize nominations now open

Call for nominations for the 2022 Ivory Prize for Excellence in Student Leadership.

Who are your ‘Beacons of Change?’

Nominations are open for those who have been intentional sources of change at the U, for students either in the classroom or in the community.

5 ways to determine if a grad program is right for you

Make sure the program you pick is a good fit for you.

headshots of three students with aerial campus photo backdrop. text reads, "My Exceptional Educational Experience

Maximize your time at the U

The Office of Undergraduate Studies launched a new site designed to help students get the most out of their time at the U.

student sitting at table studying with headphones on, next to large sculpture of two hands with thumbs and pointer fingers in the shape of a "U."

Free tutoring

The U’s Learning Center is now free and easier to access than ever.


How to reflect on, identify and continue to create your support system on campus.


Download ‘New to the U’ app for a full schedule of Welcome Week events.