U Remembers

Committing to never again

Catch up on the powerful speakers and events from the 2021 U Remembers week.

U Remembers: ‘Breaking the Silence’

U Remembers 2021 aims to foster a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and inspire community members to combat the rise of antisemitism and white supremacy by moving from bystanders to active participants.

A deadly diagnosis

The 2020 U Remembers theme focuses on the experiences of children with medical challenges during the Holocaust.

U Remembers: White Rose Resistance

Jud Newborn, a New York-based author, historian and the 2018 U Remembers keynote speaker, will draw lessons and parallels of the Holocaust and the resistance in today’s current events.

U Remembers

“The Power of Propaganda” theme for this year’s event commemorates the victims of the Holocaust, reflects on the historical actions leading to the Holocaust and pulls parallels to contemporary social issues.


A conversation on religious discrimination.


Holocaust commemoration investigates persecution based on sexual orientation in Nazi Germany.