Humans of the U: Ronnell Andersen Jones

“There just aren’t very many more rewarding things you can do with your life than spending every day encouraging the process of learning and having a hand in helping those light bulbs go on. That’s especially true when the subject is constitutional law and those light bulbs are illuminating new insights into the nation’s history, the workings of democracy and the hard questions that divide both the country and the court.”


“I became a teacher to change the world. I feel that one should give back and, in my case, I knew I wanted to work with kids. Being a minority male, I felt that I could exemplify important things for young kids during a crucial time of their development. Something I did not have until junior high. My favorite thing about teaching is those “aha” moments when a child finally gets it, especially if it took perseverance and hard work.”


Meet College of Social Work associate professor Charles Pitre Hoy-Ellis. From a high school drop out at age 15, to pursuing education in his late 30s, he now holds three degrees.


U Mathematics Teaching Program helps Utah teachers develop expertise and experience in teaching and learning mathematics to become leaders in their field.

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Teaching a flipped classroom course, online teaching trends and more.

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Humanizing your eLearning course or risk using learners and more.

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Online learning trends, Utah Education Network and more

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Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence provides a number of courses for faculty and graduate students. CTLE 6000 Teaching in Higher Education (On Campus) Instructor: Alyson Froehlich Anticipating that first higher ed course you’ll teach but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve taught a course or two but can’t manage to keep your […]

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Welcome to a new semester! Here are some resources that might benefit you as you’re mapping out this semester: Visit utah.instructure.com for useful tips on designing your course syllabus. Looking for new ideas on how to create a quality course? Check out this public Canvas tutorial on creating quality courses. Click here to start the […]