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Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence provides a number of courses for faculty and graduate students.

CTLE 6000 Teaching in Higher Education (On Campus)
Instructor: Alyson Froehlich

Anticipating that first higher ed course you’ll teach but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve taught a course or two but can’t manage to keep your students awake? This course will help you develop the basic pedagogical knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as an instructor in a higher education setting. You will learn how to design and develop a course and we will model several types of instruction including discussion, lecture, collaborative work and active learning.
We will adopt a learner-centered approach to teaching and learning in which instructor and students alike will be responsible for bringing material, issues and ideas to the group. We will all benefit from the variety of departments represented by the group and the unique approaches and perspectives that variety brings. Through interactive activities and discussion, you will be encouraged to cultivate your own individual approach to teaching. CTLE 6000/600 is a hybrid 3-credit course open to all instructors (graduate students and faculty) at the U.

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Jan. 30, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.

The architecture of Canvas opens opportunities to teachers and students to interact with the platform in the same ways they interact with the rest of the internet: creatively, socially and dynamically. Canvas is a pedagogical tool that has an eye toward open adaptation — and toward learning out in the world, rather than only behind computer screens or inside brick-and-mortar classrooms. Canvas is not the course: it’s the launching pad for the course.
We will discuss how Canvas can support your teaching, and how using modules, quizzes, rubrics and collaborations can improve your assessment, feedback and communication with students. The Teaching and Learning Technology team will spend the last hour assisting and setting up appointments to address additional Canvas questions.

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What is a Faculty Learning Community?
A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) comprises an interdisciplinary group of faculty devoted to enhancing teaching, learning and the university experience. FLCs have been shown to increase faculty interest in teaching and learning while providing a safe space for faculty to explore and implement new approaches, give and receive feedback and generate a knowledge base accessible to the broader University community.
Simply put, an FLC is a community of practice devoted to exploring teaching and learning in higher education. Each FLC will grow at its own pace, embrace a unique topic, and target specific outcomes. The FLCs will meet regularly, but input from FLC members will help determine the frequency and format for meetings, the duration, and the goals and outcomes—including any projects to be carried out—for each FLC.
We are very excited to provide such rich opportunities for community building, interdisciplinary collaboration, and explorations of teaching and learning!

Interested in joining a Faculty Learning Community (FLC)? CTLE can help with that. Send an email to info@ctle.utah.edu with the following information:
• Name
• Title
• Department and college
• Preferred e-mail address
• Name of the FLC you would like to join

Within a few days you’ll receive an email confirming your membership and informing you of the next meeting.

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