St. George

Satellite Physical Therapy program to kick off in St. George

The Doctoral of Physical Therapy program, the first satellite program from the College of Health, extends the U experience to Southern Utah.

scenic photo taken in st. george, Utah shows green trees in the foreground, red rock formations in the center and snowy tree-filled mountains in the background on a dark cloudy day.

Serving all of Utah

The U hires its first in-state regional admissions counselor.

Nourishing the roots of rural health

Founded in 2018, RUUTE increases medical education opportunities for people in rural and underserved areas of Utah.

Valley Fever more common in Utah than previously thought

Symptoms can resemble those of the flu or COVID-19, but Valley Fever is caused by a fungus.

Summer road trip: U leaders visit southern Utah

Next up, a similar trip to Davis County in July.