A group of politicians, scientists and other leaders who helped make the SUPER Agreement happen, post for a group photo in front of a painting of old timey legislature.

Expanding collaborative research opportunities

The Idaho National Laboratory and the U signed an agreement allowing collaboration on research and development projects to advance the nation’s energy and security technology.

Our energy hunger is tethered to our economic past

Civilization may need to “forget the flame” to reduce CO2 emissions.

Renewable energy boosts

Team of researchers including the U’s Lincoln Davies, a professor and associate dean at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, examined the evolution of state renewable portfolio standards.

Clean energy for all

U to supply 50 percent of its electricity from carbon-free, renewable solar and geothermal energy sources, rises to the top of national rankings.


The U joins national sustainable manufacturing alliance for recycling and remanufacturing.


A pilot program in one building on campus is saving an estimated $2,000 in energy costs per month just by shutting fume hoods when not in use.

Red goes for green energy

The U ranked 8th in the nation–first in the Pac-12–for green power purchasing.


From super efficient solar cell technology, to hydrogen fuel cells, to low-emissions coal, U scientists and engineers are pursuing a range of alternative energy solutions.

A Healthier U

Myths and facts about colonoscopies, vaccines for some cancers, goal setting through an app and more.