A fossil skull of a dinosaur head, the allosaurus.

A love letter to science

Science is an idea that’s accessible to anyone, a process by which we observe, test and learn something new.

Maddie’s Haddie: When you know, you know

A first-time paleontology volunteer used her keen intuition and some good old-fashioned beginner’s luck to find an impressive fossil skeleton.

An illustration that imagines what the dinosaur-like creature looked like while leaving the footprint millions of years ago. It's feet look like giant chicken feet - three toed with claws. Ferns are scattered in the background..

Insights into climate change during origin of dinosaurs

An international team reveals discoveries about an unusual time called the ‘Carnian Pluvial Episode.’


Fossils of a new dinosaur—Akainacephalus johnsoni—have been unearthed in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

Research quest

Natural History Museum of Utah digitizes its paleontology collection for students to study in classrooms.