Research in a time of crisis

In response to a global threat, COVID-19, University of Utah mounted a research response that is making a lasting impact on the virus and its numerous effects

U-led consortium improves medical device design

The effectiveness of medical devices comes down to one simple question: Is it usable or not? A U-led consortium helps manufacturers design more usable devices.

What are the limits of ice?

The smallest nanodroplet of water in which ice can form is only as big as 90 water molecules—a tenth the size of the smallest virus.

Stronger and better together: One U

Here’s a primer to help you understand what U President Ruth Watkins and other administrators mean by One U.

Keep your eye on the horizon, hold fast

Conrad Anker: “Be patient, love freely and care deeply for the people who share earth. Respect the earth. There is only one. Exercise discipline to maximize your positive impact on humanity and be grateful for the climb.”


The Office of Capstone Initiatives is seeking applications for Individual Capstone Experiences and Collaborative Capstone Experiences.

Collaboration Key in Advancing Research

Ivy V. Estabrooke, Ph.D., has settled into her role as executive director for the Utah Science and Technology Research initiative (USTAR). She sees big things in the future for USTAR and the U professors whose research plays an integral role in helping the initiative succeed.