Atmospheric Science

Methane emissions: Falling, but leaking

The longest continuously monitored methane emissions record shows how market forces and oilfield practices can impact greenhouse gas emissions.

How air pollution changed during COVID-19 in Park City

Air pollution dropped more in commercial than residential areas, and residential emissions rebounded faster following reopening.

Correlating air quality, land use and socioeconomic status

High-resolution analysis reveals connections between economic and environmental disparities.

U partners with Taiwan universities for dual degree program

The agreement allows students studying geology or atmospheric science to concurrently earn degrees.

School absences correlate to impaired air quality

Even mildly elevated air pollution is associated with increase in absences in Salt Lake City.

Is Utah’s great lake turning to dust?

What’s going on in the West Desert?


“I landed at the U through my love of paragliding. In 2001 I was sitting on the side of Mt. Olympus, ready to launch one afternoon and I met a professor here in atmospheric science who was also flying paragliders. He said “I heard you’re into programming – Are you interested in working at a university?” I said sure.”