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Vote for 2021-22 ASUU presidency

Voting begins Monday, Feb. 22 for the 2021-22 student body presidency and closes Thursday, Feb. 25 at 5 p.m.

Students, it is student government elections week, where you get to choose your student body presidency for the 2021-22 academic year. The Associated Students of the University of Utah—ASUU for short—is the governing body at the U. Three groups of students, or tickets, are the finalists for students to vote on during the general elections.

Voting begins Monday, Feb. 22 and voting closes Thursday, Feb. 25 at 5 p.m. Check your UMail account for instructions on how to vote. Or just click here.

A formal debate with the three tickets is scheduled for today, Monday, Feb. 22 at 12 p.m. MST. The virtual event will be hosted by the Hinckley Institute. The debate will be broadcasted on YouTube live.

Continue reading to learn more about the three presidential candidates—listed in alphabetical order—and don’t forget to vote.

The Paul ticket

Jacob Paul | President
Ethan Otero | Vice President for University Relations
Olivia Teerlink | Vice President for Student Relations

Jacob Paul: I have lived in various places including Boston, San Francisco, Baton Rouge and Paris. These experiences shaped my view and love for all people who have different temperaments, talents and convictions. I am the president of the Sigma Chi, Beta Epsilon chapter here at the University of Utah. To be the leader of my chapter during the course of this global pandemic has taught me invaluable lessons. These unique circumstances will help shape and implement the goal of this campaign which is to bring campus life back to students.

Olivia Teerlink: I am studying psychology and sociology, with a minor in health and nutrition. What drew me to Utah is my desire to be a part of a connected community. I am a student-athlete on the beach volleyball team. I am a leader who listens and will put in the work to provide our students with an environment that is inviting and inclusive. My personal goal is to ensure that all students feel represented and has the best college experience in light of our current worldly challenges.

Ethan Cuello: I am a first-generation American and second-generation Utah student, currently studying finance with an emphasis in financial analysis with the intention to obtain a JDMBA. Utah has provided me with a host of opportunities that have led to lifelong friendships, connections to students. I want to work to provide access to resources that promote healthy, productive and fun learning experiences. To create a stronger sense of community (through safety and diversity) than ever before.

The Sanchez ticket

Alejandro Sanchez | President
Darienne DeBrule | Vice President for University Relations
Kerry Larson | Vice President for Student Relations

Our ticket consists of Alejandro Sanchez, Kerry Larson and Darienne Debrule. We believe that in order for students to have a triumphant year we need to bring safety, mental health and innovation. Through safety, we can increase dialogue through students and administration to create a safer campus because student safety should be a number one priority. We want to educate students on mental health and make resources both on and off campus easily accessible, especially through very unprecedented times we are going through. Lastly, innovation because we want to normalize the student experience as much as possible, and that can be accomplished through connecting with student leaders across campus and implementing interactive events to heighten student involvement.

The Wojciechowski ticket

Jess Wojciechowski | President
Tiffany Chan | Vice President for University Relations
Maryan Shale | Vice President for Student Relations

We are three women from different backgrounds committed to serving the University of Utah. Jess Wojciechowski is a second-year honors student pursuing degrees in political science and English, and a proud queer woman; Tiffany Chan is a first-generation honors student of two proud Chinese immigrant parents, in her second year of majoring in political science and economics with a minor in philosophy; and Maryan Shale is a first-generation refugee student studying in her junior year, majoring in health society policy with minors in leadership and sociology.

Through our experiences, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we know the importance of improving campus accessibility, affordability, safety and solidarity. We are committed to empowering students to ignite the change that we need here at the U. The Wojciechowski Ticket is focused on elevating marginalized student voices to manifest structural change within student organizations and create coalitions for change on the University level. We want to be your advocate for a better, lasting change, as students empowering students. For more information on our platform click here. Follow our Instagram @WojciechowskiTicket.