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Humans of the U: Jens Nilson

Jens Nilson is one of the many University of Utah graduates who will be celebrated during the May 2023 commencement.

“I loved my time at the University of Utah. I began my career here in 2019 and finished in the fall of 2022, graduating with an honors bachelor’s degree in health society and policy, and minors in chemistry, Korean studies and sociology.

While earning my degree, I tried to dip my toes into many different things and am proud of the experiences I had. I worked on a committee to create a five-year equity, diversity and inclusion plan for the Honors College. I won first place with my team in the business school’s 2022 Inclusion and Business Strategy Competition. I was part of an Honors College Praxis Lab and as a part of that, helped create a student organization called InfectED to educate people on topics surrounding infectious diseases. 

Through the Presidential Internship in Higher Education, I learned from leaders across campus and worked closely with the University Marketing and Communications team, helping to write for the @theU website and newsletter and conducting informal research. 

Volunteering on campus and in the surrounding community has been an important part of my undergraduate experience. Through the Bennion Center, I worked with Running Forward and helped provide after-school recreation for elementary school children. I also volunteered with the Maliheh Free Clinic as a resource officer, helping connect people with health care resources.

Attending the U has been a fantastic experience for me. I was just accepted into the U’s medical school and I plan to continue my education here. I am passionate about education, health care and communication and I am excited for the opportunity to continue learning and growing in those areas.” 

—Jens Nilson, 2023 University of Utah graduate