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Humans of the U: Isabella Pullman

“My name is Isabella and I am a first-year student studying psychology. My first semester here was definitely a challenge. But at the end of the semester, I looked back and felt that it was a good experience. Although it was tough, I really enjoyed it. I think the environment on campus is really uplifting and I felt welcomed in all of my classes.

When I was young, I struggled with math a lot, but eventually had a teacher that was able to help me build my understanding. Ever since then, I’ve found that I really love math. I also discovered my passion for physics in high school. In the last semester of my senior year, I had to take two semesters of physics in one because I realized that it was required for the Regents Scholarship. This was one of the best decisions I made, not because I got the scholarship, but because it really sparked my interest in physics and engineering.

Right now, I am a psychology major, but I am looking into switching over to engineering. Engineering would take a lot more work in math and science, as compared to psychology, but this past semester has changed my perspective on how I approach my major. I took a class on nutrition and biology that I was really struggling with. I told the professor that I needed to maintain good grades to keep my scholarship. She was really understanding and gave me some good studying points on how to improve after the first midterm. I had to work a lot harder to study for the next exam but ended up getting my grade up. It was really awesome to have someone believe in me and help me realize that I am capable of tackling difficult challenges and concepts. Although I was unsure about studying engineering, at first, this experience made me realize that I can do well if I work hard. Switching over to engineering will be tough, but it will be more fulfilling since I am interested in it.”

—Isabella Pullen, 2022-23 recipient of the For Utah Scholarship