“I’ve been repairing bikes on campus for 10 years now. At first, I would mostly just work on the parking patrol bikes, but anyone who needed a tune-up or a flat-tire fix, I’d help them out, too.

With more and more cyclists on campus, and with the U’s greater commitment to bike commuting and whatnot, I decided to “officially” open up the shop to the entire community. Now, I see all kinds of bikes, from those old, heavy Stumpjumpers to the fancy, new carbon fiber bikes. Most of them just need a little TLC, a part or two and they’re good as new.

I spent almost 24 years in the Navy before retiring and working at the U. I now bike about 600-800 miles a month — the only limitations in life are the ones we place on ourselves.

I got the nickname “wolf man” from my cycling team because I would howl as I passed other riders on the road. My favorite local ride is the MS 150 Ride, a two-day, 150-mile event for a great charity.

I love bike commuting and cycling in general because it’s therapeutic. It’s just you, the bike and the people you meet along the way. And you feel great when you get into work after a brisk ride.”

— Ted “Wolfman” Main, parking services officer, bicycle repair specialist, Commuter Services

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