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U student Brent Packer lost his wallet riding TRAX. The stranger who found it had been trying to track him down and recognized him sitting on the train almost four weeks later.

“I lost my wallet after riding TRAX one day. I didn’t want to accept that it was gone for good and get everything replaced. I had gift cards in there that I didn’t want to give up on. Almost four weeks later, I was riding the train when a woman sitting near me asked if my name was Brent Packer. I was thinking, ‘Who is this person, and how does she know my full name?’ But then she told me she had found my wallet. I almost didn’t believe her because it seemed too far-fetched. To me, that experience was the epitome of a coincidence. She was very apologetic that she had my wallet for so long, and she had even tried to return it, but I had moved from the address on my license. The first thing I did after I got it back was keep it in a safe place for a few days. When I started using it again, I wanted to get one of those GPS trackers you can keep in your wallet, but Santa didn’t bring one.”

— Brent Packer, U student

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