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Meet the U’s oldest staff member: Ralph Moffat, shuttle driver mentor.

“I’m 97 years old. I came to the U and graduated in the first class of pharmacists in 1950. Five years later I entered dental school and worked nights as a pharmacist to support family and pay for my education.

I practiced dentistry until I was 70. I originally started driving busses for UTA who trained me and I drove during the 2002 Olympics. Afterwards I came to the U and now work about 20 hours per week. I mentor 70 drivers and ride with each of them about every three weeks. I tell them all to be cautious and stay within the speed limit.

I’m grateful for this opportunity and what I have that gets me out of bed in the morning. I’ve seen a lot of changes up here. When I was up here as a student, Presidents Circle was the only thing there was to the university. Every day I work, I associate with a great group of people all of whom are very courteous and friendly; they are very good to me and I love them all dearly.”

— Ralph Moffat, past driver/current mentor for Commuter Services drivers

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