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What ‘One U’ can do

University of Utah research had a stellar year. Watch U Health's video to learn more about it.

Due to the extraordinary efforts of faculty, students and administrators from colleges and departments across campus, the U celebrated its biggest year in research funding ever—$515 million was awarded to projects addressing a wide range of issues, from non-opioid painkillers to geothermal energy in Utah.

Scholarly activity is also on the rise—members of the U family won more awards, received more citations, attended more conferences and published more books and journal articles than last year.

The Vice President for Research’s Office premiered “What One U can Do,” a video honoring the research community’s outstanding accomplishments during the State of the U address on Jan. 7 by President Ruth V. Watkins.

“We have great research across the arts and humanities, the science and engineering and into the biomedical space. We’re very collaborative. We have interdisciplinary projects that cross not only departments but colleges across the university,” said Vice President for Research Andrew Weyrich, addressing the attendees at the State of the U. “Our staff, students faculty, leaders and donors are all phenomenal, and that allows us to really be great in research.”

To learn more about the U’s incredible year, enjoy the video, produced by U of U Health.