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What are you saving for?

Saving money and creating a budget can be stressful. Learn financial tips and tricks during U Saves Week, Feb. 23-25.

Feb. 23, 2016, marks the kickoff of U Saves Week at the University of Utah. The Personal Money Management Center and the David Eccles School of Business’ student club, Beta Alpha Psi, will assist students in learning how to better manage their personal finances.

“College is a time to spend,” said Ann House, coordinator for the Personal Money Management Center. “But it is also the best time to encourage and motivate individuals to set personal savings commitments and make simple plans to achieve them.”

This money management week will consist of speakers and resources for students, staff, faculty and the community. Topics include budgeting, credit scores and traveling cheap.

U Saves Week events:

David Bach

David Bach

Keynote: Living on a budget
Feb. 23, 12:15-1:15 p.m., Union Ballroom

Have you wondered how to start a budget but don’t know where to begin? U Saves Week’s keynote speaker David Bach will present about starting smart and finishing rich. He is best known for his No. 1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week and USA Today best seller book, “The Automatic Millionaire.” Considered one of America’s favorite financial experts, he will share how easy it is to build financial freedom when you start young without a lot of money.

“David Bach is an incredible individual who is an expert in the field of creating financial plans,” said House. “He’ll help you create a plan for the month, but also for as far out as 60 years from now. He’ll spark an interest in those who may not know a lot about finance.”



Mike Whitesides

Traveling for cheap
Feb. 24, 12:15-1:15 p.m., Union, Room 323

Traveling the world can be costly, but travel guru Mike Whitesides will explain how to travel on a budget. During this workshop, learn how to get the best travel deals for cheap from the creator of Learn how to stay away from Internet travel scams that are aimed at a college student demographic.



Al Bingham

Al Bingham

Improving your credit score
Feb. 25, 12:15-1:15 p.m., Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building, Room 7170

Have you ever looked at your credit card and tremored at the fact that you have a credit score to live by for the rest of your life? Al Bingham, credit guru and author of “The Road to 850,” will teach you how to improve your credit score in order to live a healthier and more carefree life. Learn about how lenders look at consumer’s credit history when applying for a loan.


Financial Fair
Feb. 23, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Union, Ballroom

The Personal Money Management Center will hold a financial fair. Vendors include the State Office of the Treasurer, Utah Department of Security, local banks and credit unions and more. They will be available to discuss the programs they offer for students. February also marks FAFSA awareness month, so students can learn more about applying for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).