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Wellness at the U

Wellness takes many forms. It is present in exercise programs, diet and nutrition, mental health and preventative health measures. The Osher Center for Integrative Health’s mission is to advance personal and professional wellness among campus and hospitals and clinics employees by providing full access to all the wellness tools they need.

WellU is the way most employees currently interface with the center. Program participants receive a discount on their health insurance premiums if they meet certain requirements by attending health screenings and various wellness activities. WellU also pays for or subsidizes various health activities on campus like consultations with health coaches, nutrition workshops, diabetes prevention programs and mindfulness courses.

Offerings from the center go far beyond WellU though. For individuals, there are dozens of programs to help improve overall health and wellness in a variety of ways. If you want to make a change in your life you can most likely find help through the center. There are employee fitness classes, smoking cessation workshops, mental health evaluations, counseling opportunities, health testing programs and more.

The Wellness Ambassador Program aims to give employees an opportunity to improve their health while encouraging others to do the same. Ambassadors are trained on all the programs offered by the center so they can support employees in their wellness goals. They also provide feedback on current programs and how wellness offerings throughout the U could be strengthened and improved.

The center also offers programs for office groups that want to improve their overall wellness. Wellness Seed Grants awards funding to be used on a wellness-oriented improvement within a workspace, such as providing access to respite spaces, installing readily available water fountains or stocking their work areas with healthy snacks.

You can learn more about the offerings from Osher Center for Integrative Health here.