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University of Utah statement regarding alleged sexual assault

The incident took place off campus one month prior to the report. 

The University of Utah responds to every report of sexual assault with urgency, professionalism and great care. Our Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action staff carefully follow the requirements outlined in Title IX, university nondiscrimination policies, and our guidelines governing sexual misconduct.

In October 2019, the U’s Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) and Affirmative Action received a report from a Utah Valley University student alleging sexual assault by a University of Utah student and member of the football team.

The incident took place off campus one month prior to the report. OEO staff discussed Title IX processes with the UVU student and urged her to reach out to UVU Title IX staff. The UVU student made it clear she did not wish to share the name of the alleged assailant with OEO staff and told them she had received medical care, contacted local police and consulted with an attorney. Following this report, OEO staff convened a training about consent in the context of sexual assault prevention later in October for the entire U. football team.

In February 2020, the university learned that the UVU student’s criminal report had been made to Unified Police Department. At that time, the University also first learned the name of the alleged assailant. The University spoke with the alleged assailant and his attorney to discuss the allegations. University personnel subsequently followed up with Unified Police Department. The alleged assailant was suspended from the football program in February 2020 as a result of the pending criminal case. The suspension was announced in March 2020 at the beginning of spring practice.

As in all criminal cases, the alleged assailant has a right to due process. Because criminal charges have been filed and litigation is pending in this case, we will respond through the appropriate law enforcement and legal channels. Applicable privacy laws and guidelines will govern the release of any further information regarding either of these individuals.

The University of Utah provides support to any member of its community who has experienced sexual assault and encourages them to contact our Center for Student Wellness and University Counseling Center.