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U launches updated climate action plan

A new climate action plan is being implemented at the University of Utah as part of the institution’s commitment to addressing climate change. This updated plan highlights progress made and outlines new ways the U will contribute to positive climate outcomes through research, education and operational policies and practices.

“The U’s community is passionate about taking active steps to address the impacts of climate change,” said U President Taylor Randall. “I am encouraged that our new interactive tools and climate action plan will broaden awareness and motivate even more people on campus to make a difference.”

Building off the first climate action plan released in 2010, the new plan was developed with thoughtful input from over 4,300 participants to ensure it reflects the collective needs of the broader university community, especially those most impacted by climate change. University of Utah Health also included critical input for how the plan could address climate health impacts.

The plan identifies four core areas and related goals where the U will take action in addressing climate change.

  1. Research: Generate climate-related research that supports those most impacted and drives solutions in Utah and beyond.
  2. Education: Graduate students with knowledge and skills to address climate-related challenges and opportunities.
  3. Mitigation: Take urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Resilience: Increase university and community resilience to current and future impacts of climate change.

Each core area is paired with a goal and primary targets for 2030 and 2040. The university will report yearly on its progress toward the targets.

Those yearly reports, as well as the U’s goals, targets, progress made and the latest university climate news, will all be available on a new interactive website.

The site also has a directory of resources for getting involved in climate action at the U, including links to education, research, mitigation and resilience-related departments, programs and initiatives. Anyone in the university community can use these resources to learn how they can help achieve the U’s climate goals, including its 2040 target date for net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

“All across the U, people are ready to take action to address climate impacts,” said Kerry Case, the U’s chief sustainability officer. “I hope the new plan and online resources bolster existing efforts and help everyone at the U find ways to participate in the collective work of addressing climate change.”

Additional resources and climate-related news and information will be added to the page over the coming year. To request a resource be added to the list, contact the Sustainability Office at

The launch of the new website coincides with Earth Month and this year the U’s theme is “Climate Hope.” Find a full list of Earth Month activities here.