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The importance of non-discrimination training

Places of education and employment should be welcoming and inclusive.

Places of education and employment should be welcoming and inclusive. The University of Utah takes allegations of discrimination and sexual misconduct very seriously, and members of our campus community are expected to take them seriously as well.

Every two years all students, faculty and staff are required to complete training, developed by the Office of Equal Opportunity, on the university’s non-discrimination policies. Please use this training as an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge or refresh your understanding of these important policies and procedures. The training can be found here.

A safe campus environment

The U is continually updating measures to keep our community safe. Non-discrimination training is among those measures to promote safety and well-being on campus.

Knowledge is power

You can’t protect yourself or others against discrimination or sexual misconduct if you don’t know how to identify and report it.

Access help when you need it

At some point, you may experience discrimination or sexual misconduct. If that happens, you need to know what help is available. The non-discrimination training provides information on processes in place to address discrimination.

We all agree that discrimination of any kind is not acceptable. The university’s Office of Equal Opportunity works every day to identify and address instances of discrimination and sexual misconduct on campus. They need the help of everyone in the community to create a safe and inclusive environment. Taking the non-discrimination training is the first step to do so. Click here to do your part.