Sustainability research grants

The SEED2SOIL program seeks to focus a wide array of campus expertise toward achieving ambitious improvements in the sustainability and efficiency of campus operations while leveraging the world-class research capacity of the University of Utah. Researchers can embody Campus as a Living Lab by working on U Facilities-identified requests to improve campus operations and contribute to broader sustainability knowledge. This opportunity directly connects researchers with U Facilities representatives in a true OneU cross-campus collaboration.

The annual SEED2SOIL research grants will highlight Facilities-identified research topics eligible for funding. The research topics are identified and endorsed by Sustainable Operations Working groups (SOW groups), and researchers will work with Operations to review findings and collaborate throughout the funding year. Identified research topics may include providing needed data, developing new technologies or performing audits on campus. Each research project will provide information, which otherwise would have been sourced to external firms, and researchers are encouraged to develop a project that goes above and beyond the already identified needs.

The current request for proposals seeks proposals related to waste, recycling and compost; HVAC; and transportation.* Find details on these identified research topics here. Proposals are due May 13, 2022.

*Transportation topics will be added as an addendum to this RFP by April 29.

Learn more about SEED2SOIL

SEED2SOIL is a collaborative effort from the Facilities Sustainability & Energy group, Planning, Design, & Construction, the Sustainability Office and the Global Change and Sustainability Center. SEED2SOIL brings together experts and stakeholders on all operational sustainability topics to expand, prioritize and refine known opportunities for carbon reduction and other sustainability goals. Thematically focused SOW groups meet annually to prioritize strategic projects, identifying those that advance innovation and research-based decision-making at the U. SEED2SOIL supplies financing through accumulated utility savings to implement the top priorities each year and enable sustainable operations on campus.