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Summer 2019 construction

As summer construction approaches, knowing what areas will be impacted can help you navigate campus a little easier.

Several construction projects on campus are scheduled to begin in the coming months. Below is an overview of what to expect. @TheU provides weekly construction and commuter updates to keep readers updated.


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Business Building Visitor Parking: Lot 12

On May 6, Business Building Visitor Parking Lot (Lot 12) impacts begin. Repairs will be made on the High Temperature Water Distribution Tunnel. This construction will close a section the roundabout on Campus Center Dr., just north of the Business Building Visitor Parking Lot. The existing access routes to the pay lot and Arts & Education drop-off through the southwest intersection of Campus Center Dr. and South Campus Dr. will be closed.

During construction, both the visitor pay lot and the Arts & Education drop-off should be accessed by the east loop of Central Campus Drive. Proceed through the levels of the Central Parking Garage before exiting onto Campus Center Dr. Then turn left and proceed through the roundabout to access the visitor parking lot or left for the Arts & Education drop-off.

Pedestrians are advised to follow the northbound/southbound sidewalk adjacent to the Central Parking Garage. See map below.

This construction is expected to be completed in July 2019.

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Student Services Building Deck Improvement

Beginning May 13, the deck on the east side of the Student Services Building will undergo condition-improving construction. The Tanner Plaza level entrance, or central deck, will be closed during construction. The center entrance will be closed but both north and south entrances on the deck, as well as all entrances on the lower level, will remain open. This project is expected to be completed in August 2019. [/bs_well][bs_well size=”sm”]

Engineering Parking: Lot 39

End of May: The parking lot north of the Merrill Engineering Building will be repaved/repainted in sections. During construction, 25-50% of the lot will remain open at all times. This project is expected to be completed in early August 2019.[/bs_well]


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Union East: Lot 28

The UTA bus and campus shuttle stop area in front the Union will undergo construction to accommodate the increase of UTA buses on campus. The project includes expanding the bus stop and staging area; relocating the ADA stalls to the north side of the Union and the south side of LNCO; and creating a new entrance to the Union pay lot, which will be located at the north end. Expect parking impacts during the construction period, beginning summer 2019.[/bs_well][bs_well size=”sm”]

HPER: Lot 24

The HPER Lot will permanently lose approximately 120 stalls located in the south-east section. This space will soon be occupied by the upcoming soccer and lacrosse playfield as construction begins summer 2019. Due to the loss of stalls, commuters should park in the Broadcast Center Lot (east of Wasatch Dr.) as an alternative. Construction is set to begin in summer 2019 and end in fall 2019.

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Social Work: Lot 8

The Social Work Lot will undergo construction to improve ADA access. To comply with ADA parking regulations, the slope of the area and sidewalk will be leveled to provide easier access leading to the social work and art buildings. In addition, a second ADA section, closer to the social work building, will be added near the center west area of the lot. Commuters should expect to see fewer parking stalls during the construction period, beginning summer 2019 and ending fall 2019.

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Red Butte: Lot 75

To improve safety, the narrow dirt road located northeast of the Red Butte Gardens leading up to the gate will be paved and become an extension of the Red Butte Lot. The lot expansion will provide additional U Permit stalls and pay stalls for visitors. The construction area will end at the gate and will not reach the trailhead. Parking in this area will not be available during the construction period, beginning summer 2019 and ending fall 2019.



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Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital

The Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital will be the preeminent destination in the mountain west for patients recovering from and adjusting to life-altering injuries and conditions. Glass, brick and stone are currently being installed on the exterior of the new Rehabilitation Hospital. Interior construction is also well underway. The Rehabilitation Hospital is scheduled to be completed in spring 2020.[/bs_well][bs_well size=”sm”]

Acute Care Center (ACC)

The new Acute Care Center will be a state-of-the-art facility built to address the health needs of the Wasatch Front’s rapidly growing population. Phase One (clinics) construction is currently underway and expected to be completed in July 2019.[/bs_well][bs_well size=”sm”]

ACC Connector Bridge

The new connector corridor will create a direct connection between the main entrance of the University Hospital and the main clinic floor of the new Acute Care Center (ACC). This connector will improve the visibility of the new ACC Clinics from the Hospital entrance and make it easier to navigate to the new clinics from the main entrance. Construction is currently under way and is scheduled to be completed by the end of August 2019.[/bs_well]

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Medical Education and Discovery Building (MED)

The Medical Education and Discovery (MED) Building will be the hub of the university’s medical educational enterprise. The new building will serve as a replacement for the existing School of Medicine, which is planned for destruction. Currently, U of U Health is fine-tuning and finalizing programming for the MED and planning phases involve in-depth studies of workplace needs, as well as research to identify the ideal site on the U of U Health campus.[/bs_well]