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Stay in PEAK summer shape with virtual U fitness classes

The U’s PEAK program is offering a new slate of live online workouts.

The University of Utah’s PEAK Health & Fitness program is continuing to offer live fitness classes online to all members of the campus community as a service during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a new schedule beginning Wednesday, May 13. Anyone may join in; only those who take classes for WellU credit need to register online. No registration fees are required, but donations are welcome. Click here to donate and help support PEAK’s instructors. (Classes typically run $75 for a MWF class and $50 for UH classes.)

Current PEAK Zoom workouts include Zumba, weight training, mat Pilates, several forms of yoga, circuit training and more. PEAK now has two Zoom channels for courses; see the class schedule for the correct Meeting ID for each class.

“We know how important movement and connection are to mental, emotional and physical health,” says Traci Thompson, PEAK’s director.  “Please share these classes with colleagues, friends and family members!”

You can read PEAK’s Zoom fitness class etiquette tips here. Visit their online store for additional offerings such as mindfulness courses, wellness coaching and nutritional consultations here.

PEAK is also continuing to populate the U’s Wellness & Integrative Health YouTube channel with prerecorded fitness classes taught by some of the program participants’ favorite instructors. The channel also features mindfulness exercises, healthy eating tips and yoga breaks.

For updates (as well as additional fitness, nutrition and wellness tips), check out PEAK’s Facebook and Instagram pages.