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Statement of support for students in Iran

As protests over women’s rights in Iran have intensified over the last several weeks, we are dismayed at the loss of life and violence occurring among those who are lifting their voices and asking to be heard. Students protesting at the Sharif University of Technology and other institutions have been beaten and detained, and there are reports that dozens have died in the uprising sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini while in police custody.

We mourn for Amini and her family, and for all of those impacted by this tragedy.

We acknowledge that friends, colleagues and family members on our campus are also being affected by these events. Students and faculty members now at the University of Utah have attended or graduated from the Sharif University of Technology and other institutions that are under attack. These schools are among the highest quality engineering, management and science schools in Iran. In addition, many in our community have been unable to contact their loved ones in Iran since the protests began, either for fear of retribution or because of forced internet outages.

We offer our thoughts and support to anyone grappling with the anxiety and uncertainty of this situation. As a globally-minded university, the U stands against oppression, discrimination and the violation of fundamental human rights. We champion the freedom of students and teachers to express their thoughts and explore new ways to create change.

The International Student and Scholar Services department is reaching out to the 177 Iranian students on our campus to offer support. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns — we stand ready to help.

Martell Teasley
Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Lori McDonald
Vice President for Student Affairs

Jeff Herring
Chief Human Resources Officer

Counseling and support services available