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What you need to know for staffing during winter break

While employees may be working remotely, the University of Utah is open and services will continue and be accessible.

In accordance with previously published plans, the University of Utah is moving to all online instruction from Thanksgiving until the end of fall semester—a move made more important now due to the spread of coronavirus in Utah.

Our priority is to ensure we are good community partners in public health efforts that promote the well-being and safety of our students, faculty and staff. We encourage faculty and staff who can perform their duties through teleworking to do so.

Working with human resources associate directors, department chairs and deans should reassess mandatory in-person functions for each area and determine which employees must be physically located on campus and those who can work remotely. For help reviewing office functions, refer to the Human Resources’ Staff Plan Spreadsheet. You can find your assigned HR contact here.

However, it is critical to remember that while employees may be working remotely, the University of Utah is open and services must continue and be accessible.

While the demands and needs of each unit are different, these points should be included in messages to teams:

  • The University of Utah is open and will continue providing services to students, faculty, staff and the community during this period.
  • All services need to be accessible during this time through one or more of the following options:
    • Limited hours of in-person office operations, posted clearly on office doors.
    • Limited in-person staffing if the office provides public-facing services.
    • Clear signage posted on doors that includes telephone numbers, email addresses and instructions on who and how to contact office personnel.
    • An internal plan that outlines how continuity of services will be delivered.
    • Access to research buildings will not change during winter break. Researchers, including undergraduates, must have CCURE or key access to enter secure research areas.
  • Faculty and staff who shift to teleworking must be available by telephone and email during business hours to ensure timely services and responses during this period. Please be sure to forward office telephones and/or create a voice message that includes contact information. Individuals who reach out to a university office via telephone or email have every right to expect a response within the same time frame they would receive in-person services at the office.
  • Access to some buildings may be limited due to the reduced number of people on campus. However, there should be clear signage on doors with instructions on who to contact to get authorized access to the building.