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ASUU breaks down your student fees so you know exactly how your money is being used.

By Mauricio (Mo) Laguan, ASUU deputy chief of staff; Marli Hughes, ASUU associate director of marketing; and Annalisa Purser, communication specialist, University Marketing and Communications

 Each semester students pay $23.12 in fees to the Associated Students of the University of Utah. This is just 4.33 percent of the total fees an average full-time student pays.

“While ASUU fees are a small percentage of the total, $23.12 can feel like a lot of money, especially when you’re a student,” said ASUU President Ambra Jackson. “As student leaders, we strive to make sure this money is used responsibly and in a way that benefits all students.”

The infographic below shows a sampling of programs and events provided by ASUU using these fees. Many of the events are free to students, and some services, such as child care, are subsidized so they can offer lower rates to students.

The illustration shows exactly how much of the $23.12 is allocated to each service or event. A full breakdown is outlined at the bottom.