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Personalized, online mental health support

There are a lot of resources for students when they need help. The University Counseling Center, Women’s Resource Center, and Center for Student Wellness all have programs available. In addition, Student Affairs also provides students, staff, and faculty access to two on-demand mental health resources. The downloadable Nod app and the online platform You@Utah are free for members of the U community and are accessible at any time. 


Research has found that students on college campuses are lonelier than ever, despite being in a connected world. The Nod app addresses this problem by creating individualized goals to help with social connection on campus. 

Nod is fun, is backed by science, and can help students develop meaningful connections in college. After logging in, you’ll tell Nod about yourself. Nod will have you set your own goals and from there, it will give you personalized ideas about how to achieve those goals. 

Download the Nod app here. 


You@Utah is an online portal that is completely personalized to the individual when they build their profile. It connects students, staff, and faculty with relevant campus resources while promoting happiness and well-being.  

The portal supports student success through physical and mental health, academics and career, and purpose, community, and social connections. After logging into, users can set their own success and well-being priorities. From there, You@Utah will provide recommendations personalized to the user and the University of Utah. 

Visit You@Utah here. 

If you are in need of immediate help, call the University Counseling Center at 801-581-6826 to talk to a crisis counselor. For after-hours crisis support, you can reach the SafeUT 24/7 Crisis Line at 801-587-3000 or call//text 988.