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Parking options for part-time telecommuters

There are several parking options available.

In response to the increase of students, faculty and staff telecommuting part time, Commuter Services is offering a variety of alternatives to annual parking permits. We encourage individuals who will be telecommuting part time to consider several factors when deciding whether to purchase a long-term parking permit, like how often will the individual be on campus, will they be on campus all day or just a few hours and where on campus do they want to park.

The following options are available to all faculty, staff and students who determine a long-term parking permit is not needed this academic year.

Day permits

Commuters can purchase a Day Pass online to park in a “U” or “A” stall on campus.

  • Day “U” permits are available at a rate of $10 per day
  • Day “A” permits are available at a rate of $15 per day

Visitor kiosk lots

Kiosk lots are located near the Union, the Marriot Library, the School of Business, the Student Life Center and the Health Science Education Building. The price for parking in a visitor pay lot is $2 per hour with a maximum daily rate of $20.

There are two ways to begin a parking session:

  • Visit the kiosk machines located within the pay lot and follow the prompted steps.
  • Use your smartphone to pay the hourly parking rate. To begin, scan the QR code displayed on the kiosk machine to pay with MobilePay. You can also text the P-Code message to the number displayed on the signage to be sent a link to the TEXT2PARK website via text message.

Pay by phone stalls

PayByPhone stalls are located in most parking lots on campus, offering convenient proximity to popular campus destinations. The price for parking at a Pay-by-Phone stall is $2 per hour. PayByPhone day passes are available in the Stadium Lot for $8 per day, and the Guardsman Way Lot for $5 per day.

There are three ways to begin a PayByPhone parking session:

Share a permit

Individuals may share a permit with another faculty, staff or student by linking multiple vehicles to one parking permit. Shared permits must be paid for by one individual; others may reimburse the permit holder for their portion of the permit.

Commuter Services provides parking options for all types of commuters. To find an alternative that works for you, call 801-581-6415 or visit the Commuter Services website.