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One U

By working together, those at the University of Utah have the power to develop innovative solutions to address the most pressing societal issues.

If you’ve heard President Ruth Watkins speak since becoming president last April, you’ve probably heard about the power of “One U.” What this means, she explains, is that we have the opportunity to work together to solve big problems in society and also optimize our campus resources. As one of a small number of research universities with a full academic medical center located side by side, we can bring people together from different fields to develop creative, innovative solutions that will improve lives. In this video, President Watkins and other leaders discuss the “One U” vision.

“When I think about ‘One University,’ I think about the fact that we have such a powerful opportunity to be more than our individual parts—to think and act as ‘One University.’”

—President Ruth Watkins

“The University of Utah is unusual among public research universities. There are only a handful of institutions in the United States that have co-located a really wonderful health science campus together with a great research campus. We’re breaking down barriers that prevent collaborations across disciplines.”

—Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Daniel A. Reed

“The exciting work—whether it’s in patient care, research, education or community engagement—actually occurs at the interfaces of the disciplines. Innovative ideas and approaches in one part of this great university are kind of spread to other parts.”

—Senior Vice President for Health Sciences Michael L. Good

“We cannot be 20 teams. We are one team, and we need to work together, share best practices, collaborate on all things. And I think that’s really what I’ve picked up from President Watkins in terms of ‘let’s collaborate, let’s work together.’”

—Athletics Director Mark Harlan

“Everywhere I go on campus—from departments in health sciences and in main campus—people are talking about the opportunities that thinking and acting as one university provides for them. ‘One U’ can really make a difference.”

—President Ruth Watkins