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Master of Communication program launches at University of Utah Asia Campus

The University of Utah is excited to announce the launch of a new Master of Communication program at its U Asia Campus in Incheon, South Korea. Applications are now open for the professional program, and the first cohort of students is scheduled to begin studying at the extended campus in fall 2024.

The Department of Communication’s nationally ranked graduate program is distinguished by its vibrant, prolific, nationally and internationally recognized faculty. While the focus of the Salt Lake City graduate program in Communication remains research, the new program at the U Asia Campus will be practitioner-focused, designed to impart practical knowledge of strategic communication, develop a network with industry professionals, and build skills graduates can use immediately in the field.

The program is a good fit for current and prospective public relations, advertising, and communication professionals seeking a U.S. degree, hands-on learning, and international experience. By keeping the cohort small, students will be able to enjoy ample opportunity to interact with professors. Students will also benefit from advising from faculty at both campuses.

The course schedule is designed to complement both full-time students and those with full-time jobs, as classes are offered on nights and weekends in addition to the option of a traditional daytime schedule. Some classes will be offered in Seoul on weekdays. All classes will be taught in English and graduate assistantships are available.

“Business happens without boundaries these days,” said Tae Kyoung Lee, associate professor and director of the U Asia Campus Master of Communication program.

“We are excited to marry the quality instruction our program is already known for, within an international context. A degree earned with a global perspective creates more opportunities for students to go beyond their country, industry, and current mindset. Ultimately, it provides more career possibilities,” said Lee.

Click here to learn more about the Master of Communication at the U Asia Campus and apply by May 1, 2024. Applicants will be notified of admissions decisions by June 1, 2024, to accommodate the visa process for non-Korean students.