Making mail meaningful

In the age of email and text messaging, not often do we find meaningful mail in the mailbox, other than the occasional birthday or get-well-soon card, mixed in with a plethora of junk mail you don’t want or need. Sound about right?

Making mail meaningful again is University Print & Mail Services, your campus resource for all things printing, mailing, shipping and design. Among its many offerings is a variable data function, which personalizes each piece of mail in any sized run. This modern printing tool helps make print runs easier and more affordable by combining data and adds a special touch that before now, was not easy or economical to do. This dynamic offering is receiving accolades in the industry, and gold recognition to boot.

For its excellence in the variable data category, University Print & Mail won first place in the 2019 In-Plant Printing Management Association (IPMA) In-Print Awards, an annual competition involving more than 400 printing organizations. IPMA is among the nation’s leading print organizations, with more than 700 members worldwide and a 55-year history in supporting in-plant – or in-house- printing operations. This is the fourth award that University Print & Mail has received from IPMA, who have in recent years recognized the operation’s aptitude in booklet design, layout and the finer points of printing.

The submission, a project done in conjunction with Utah Athletics, was intended to wow and woo prospective recruits to join the Utah Football program. And it did just that by featuring each recruit’s name and photo on a handsomely designed envelope. Imagine the impact of that kind of personal touch when sorting through your stack of generic and mostly useless mail.

Using variable data can quickly boost any marketing campaign, as research suggests personalized mail has a higher rate of return and performs better overall than generic mail. If the recipient receives a picture of themselves on a piece of mail, a personal message or something specifically tailored to their taste, the piece carries much more meaning. This idea, combined with a thoughtful design, can send a powerful message to any kind of audience.

Wonder how to use this strategy in your next campaign? Here’s an example—say you’re having an outdoor event. Instead of mailing one generic flyer to every recipient, multiple flyers can be mailed to specific audience categories such as people with children, people with pets and people who are single. Each flier can contain its own message that relates to the recipient, in addition to their individual names and other tailored information.

University Print & Mail is ready to help you utilize variable data strategies in your next marketing or messaging campaign. They can help you design and craft your message, postmark it and drop it in the mail it for you, too, all in one easy order. Visit University Print & Mail online to see products, services or find a customer service representative. For immediate assistance, please call 801-581-6171.