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Go green and ride electric for less

Magnum e-bikes are now available at 10% off through the Campus Store.

Are you looking for alternative modes of transportation right now? You may be in luck because starting Aug. 24 Magnum e-bikes are available to University of Utah students, staff and faculty at 10% off the retail price.* The Campus Store has teamed up with the local e-bike company to help equip university patrons with a fun, sustainable and affordable way to get around. Whether you are looking for a method to get to work, get out for exercise or travel from lower campus to upper campus without breaking a sweat—this e-bike is a great option.

The locally owned and operated Magnum Bikes is headquartered right here in downtown Salt Lake City. Since 2010 the company has been supplying our community with the highest quality, innovative and efficient e-bikes on the market. With over 20 models to choose from there is an e-bike guaranteed to be suitable for any lifestyle. Magnum has designed a beautiful, sleek and most importantly, functional transportation experience. Their e-bikes get up to a 60-mile range, 25 mph speed and six levels of pedal assist. Each bike will fully recharge within four to six hours so just stick it on the charger each night and you’ll be good to cruise in the morning.

During this time, we know it can be difficult to feel safe using public transit or carpooling. But you can still go green and participate in sustainable transportation by investing in an e-bike – plus you’ll save on parking. The Campus Store is excited to see more University of Utah students and staff cruising to campus on Magnum e-bikes. Stop in the Campus Store today to check out the e-bike display and get more info. Or shop online now at and use discount code “GOUTES10” for 10% off at checkout.

*Terms and conditions apply. Must be a current University of Utah student, staff, or faculty member with an active email address used at checkout to qualify for the discount. Utah alumni are eligible for the discount but must call Magnum Bikes to place their order unless they have a current email address. All sales are processed through